I am a writer, aspiring photographer, avowed geek, and student of humanity. My life revolves around my passions: my beautiful wife, my adorable daughter, my friends and family, my writing, and my interests in photography, philosophy, psychology, science, spirituality, and politics.

For almost twelve years, I blogged at bipolar with co-conspirator J. Brian Reese. We launched the site in May 2000, blogged steadily until 2005, and then intermittently until the “final” post went up in 2012.

For more from me, go to my online nexus: MatthewRasnake.com.

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the present

This site and this blog have had a few incarnations over the years, with varying purpose and success. At the moment, I am treating her as something of a blank slate. There is only one certainty, and that is my plan to continue posting the “storytime” recordings I’ve made over the last eight or so years for my niece. I’d also like to do a personal podcast, probably something terribly lame and unstructured, but centering to a certain extent around coffee. Everything else is open.

In its most recent incarnation, I attempted a sort of broadly scoped “topic” blog, featuring posts on things as diverse as eastern philosophy and linux commandline tips. Those old posts will remain—and may be revisited—though I currently have no intention to retread that “topic” blog path nor to explicitly continue various “series” that were started. I simply hope to bring it back to my original intention—to make this a personal blog of things that interest me.

I am not a curator of links. I am not a pundit, nor a commentator on current events. I am not a generator of high-minded ideals meant to enlighten the general public. I’m a writer, a family-man, a homebody, and, in my own limited way, a thinker. Whatever you may find here will be a product of no other things but these.

the past

Coffeemonk.com launched in 1999 as the cornerstone of an ambitious multi-media art collective. The site took its name from the graphic design endeavors of Sir Bob Pearce, artist and musician. Thus, coffeemonk.com was to be the visual arts branch of Coffeemonk Design Flaws, alongside Savant-Garde Press for traditional publishing, My Favorite Martyr for music, and Dissenter Media for video and film. However, as often happens, ambition outpaced technology, funding, and time, leaving the empire to languish. With the physical dispersion of the collective it became apparent that this particular dream should—at least temporarily—be set aside.

As driver and maintainer of the original coffeemonk.com and her sister sites, I adopted the coffeemonk moniker as my online identity, and have used it consistently for over twelve years.