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December 2, 2002

at the end of the day i'll forget your name

the genocidal holiday has came and went. i did enjoy my four days away from work; boy, did i need them. here's how the week went:

old man (website in development by the master himself: the rasnastic one) had our third gig of the month on tuesday. the first half was plagued with tuning problems, but he second half went pretty well (lucifigous prick rocked it pretty hard, too). neil and i have decided to take a brief sabbatical for the first part of december. we've been hard at it even before roger's short tenure. hopefully, we'll be achieving some new recruits into our fold of musicians by the end of the year.

thursday, i went to lexington to spend a thanksgiving afternoon meal with my sister beth, her husband, his parents and brothers, and my other sister kim. i came back to louisville, headed over to one set of grandparents and saw my folks who were in town from tampa. i ate more food.

on friday i played lots of video games and napped a bunch on the couch with the always adorable harriet and zoe. neil came over later that night and we drank bourbon.

allison came back into town on saturday and all was good again with paul's world. we caught the second story man show at a very crowded aslan house.

sunday, i had lunch with matt who had returned from doing the family thing in virginia the night before. later that evening allison came over and we watched last sunday's sopranos episode.

today is monday. i'm at work. it sucks.

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November 22, 2002

put our heads down on our desks

urg. work sucks. i'm really hating my job lately. we've been a person short for the last month and a half in the office. unfortunately, the guy that is off for sick leave really isn't much help anyway. it's not that workload is overwhelming; it's just been... annoying. now annoying may not sound like a horrible thing, but work has been that sort of little-kid-running-around-the-restaurant-making-noise-while-you're-trying-to-have-a-nice-meal-with-your-girlfriend annoying. the parents are oblivious, you want to strangle the kid, but you are powerless due to some very strong consequences. maddening. damn the economy and the job market. i should have quit while we were under slick willie's administration.

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November 18, 2002

all the little kids are dressed in dreams

old man did our 1st and 2nd shows of november on the 9th and the 14th. the show at za's on the 9th was unexpected. we went in to watch green formica table play, and were asked to fill in for a band that didn't show up. luckily, our equipment was at my house, which was only three or four blocks away. we hit the joint fast and hard, rock commando style. our energy was up and we rocked harder than usual, which made up for the bad p.a. and acoustics. the show at twice-told started off kind of weird, but we were quite happy with it. our friends enjoyed it and said that it sounded really good. the november invasion continues on the 26th at the rudyard kipling, with lucifigous prick. it's the tuesday before thanksgiving at 9 pm and it's only $2.00. allison and i made some wonderful, eye-catching flyers for the show.

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November 6, 2002

all possibilities

damn. two posts in two days. i must be high.

well, i couldn't resist the urge to buy some of the cds i mentioned yesterday. i picked up the imperial teen: live at maxwell's and badly drawn boy: have you fed the fish?. sometimes you just got to feed the (bewilder)beast.

as far as the imperial teen album goes, it's a live album so the content shouldn't really come into question since they're mainly for fans anyway. most complaints would normally be due to what isn't on the album (similar critiques can be used with "best of" records). the recording is top-notch and the performances ass-kicking. a fun live album from a fun band. 4 out of 5.

the badly drawn boy cd is a solid piece of work. compared to his last effort, hour of the bewilderbeast, have you... seems to be a little more focused in attack. the songs fit quite well together and there is more of a full band (if not orchestral) feel, as well. after a few listnings, have you...'s songs, though marvelous, don't quite have the intimacy or charm that the songs on bewilderbeast. still this is a incredible sweeping epic of a record that deserves a listen. 4.5 out of 5.

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November 5, 2002

it's our time

allison came back from her trip to new york and filled me in on the details of what sounded like a fun trip. being the selfish bastard that i am, i'm really happy that she's back in town. oh, and she nabbed me the setlist from the imperial teen gig she got to witness from the front fucking row. yeah, i'm a jealous bastard, too!

speaking of imperial teen, apparently, they've just released a live album. i've got to pick that up. they never disappoint, and allison says they put on a hell of a show.

there's also a new one from badly drawn boy and a new one from ours that i need to check out. more music to go broke to.

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October 30, 2002

legendary divorce is such a bore

well, our drummer decided that old man was not going to be his thing. without getting into the gross details, we'll just say that the split was due to creative differences. however, neil and i are not letting this minor setback hinder us in the least bit. we've got two gigs in november that we plan to rock. we also ran into ryan from green formica table last night, and (other than still drawing breath, much to our relief) he still seems interested in playing bass with us. he may even have a lead on a new drummer. if you want to get out and hear some wonderful music in louisville, november maybe your month:

november 9, 2002; 11:00 pm; za's pizza
-green formica table
-the english station
-dadaist and his mentoies

november 14, 2002; 8:30 pm; twice told coffeehouse
-old man

november 26, 2002; 9:00 pm; the rudyard kipling
-old man
-lucifigous prick

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October 29, 2002

my favorite inside source

one week of sobriety and i'm still going strong. the weekend was the first real test of my new alcohol free existence, and to tell you the truth, i didn't really miss drinking. friday, i went out with allison and some friends to see the delightful punch-drunk love and then a bar. i had soda and still enjoyed myself. saturday consisted of a surreal halloween party that was busted up by the police. the large amount of tremendously drunk people reaffirmed my new m.o.

the world seems bent on giving nirvana a well deserved revisitation. it has been 11 years since nevermind exploded all over the place and 8 since kurt said goodnight, so i think it's about time they were held up and praised again. i was senior in high school when smells like teen spirit came out and, yes it sounds cliche, it totally spoke to my manic-depressed, potentially suicidal self. mr. cobain was truly a symbol for a generation of young people more likely to pull guns on themselves than each other. the landscape of rock was changed forever.

oh, and by the way, you know you're right kicks so much ass.

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