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Dec. 8th, 2000 -

Mr. Martyr himself, our own Paul Brown has established his own online forum here on For near-daily updates (much better than this page) visit puffin-a-go-go now!

And don't forget, as the last news update (seen below from way back in June) says, visit bipolar for semi-daily updates from the head of Savant-Garde Press, Matthew Rasnake

July 5th, 2000 -

Things are apparently happening very slowly here at Coffeemonk Design Flaws, possibly owing to the fact that I (that is, Matthew) have finally found a new job. I'm working the dreaded third shift again, and have been struggling with the unreality of the world I'm now living in. I've also been putting what little spare web time I've found into my weblog--bipolar. If you want regular updates, and have a somewhat cynical view of our existence, you'd do well to read it.

In more positive and more directly Coffeemonk related news, we've finally coerced another Coffeemonk--Jim Kuczun--into submitting his bio for the site. Jim's a Coffeemonk from way back, and we've been trying to get his story onto the site, well, since it was launched.

For those of you who consider yourself artistically inclined, I'd love to get your opinions on a possible new design direction for this site. Check out this mock-up, and let me know what you think.

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